You may be looking for straightforward facts and reasons as to why you should choose our British Values qualification, so we have pulled together a no-nonsense list of benefits for you below;

  1. Consistent with Ofsted guidelines relating to the Prevent Duty. Using our British Values qualifications is one good way to demonstrate to Ofsted that you are supporting your learners’ self-development, aiding their employability, fulfilling your safeguarding responsibilities and building a cohesive community.
  2. Detailed indicative content and signposting to further resources make planning, teaching and learning straightforward.
  3. Shared learning outcomes across Entry 3 and Level 1 make co-teaching easy to organise.
  4. Our qualifications use online, multiple choice assessments. Questions are clearly expressed and engagingly written, making optimum use of scenarios to help learners apply what they have learned. Learners are able to go back and change answers within the 40 minute allotted time before submitting and ending their assessment.
  5. Assessments are externally set and marked, and available on demand for whenever your learners are ready. This minimises the assessment burden on Centres with no time spent designing assessment tasks, assessing evidence or checking portfolios of evidence. You are free to enter your learners for assessments whenever you believe they have the understanding required.
  6. Our qualifications are fundable. The ESFA has confirmed the adult funding for the qualification as £50 per learner. The qualifications are also listed on Section 96 as suitable for use with younger learners and can be used as part of the study programme.
  7. Competitively priced at £17 per learner, and with externally set and marked assessments, this qualification provides excellent value for money.
  8. No charge for a resit, if required. This allows you to budget effectively knowing the full price of the qualification, regardless of how many learners require another opportunity to pass the assessment.
  9. No entry requirements. Our British Values qualification break down complex concepts, using straightforward language making them fully accessible and available to learners of all cultures and ages.
  10. Learners will receive a qualification at the end of the course. Unlike some other organisations offering similar provision, learners who successfully complete a course achieve a qualification that can support them in the next stage of education and employment.

You can find more information about each of the qualifications below:

Entry Level Award in British Values (Entry 3)

Level 1 Award in British Values

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