The past year has been incredibly challenging for both staff and learners. Many of our Centres have sought to support their learners and staff using our suite of safeguarding and wellbeing qualifications. These are aimed at helping learners keep safe and healthy, mentally and physically, while recognising signs of others’ wellbeing and encouraging positive actions.

Topics within the qualifications include:

  • Mental health, which is of great importance to schools, colleges, and learning providers, with many reporting escalating numbers of students with mental health difficulties.
  • Safety in the digital world, which is of ever-growing importance as more learning, events and activities take place online.
  • Being safe and healthy, which covers diet, exercise, drugs and alcohol and the potential impact on health and wellbeing; sexual health, sexuality and gender identity; personal and online safety, including potential risks to safety and ways to reduce these.

Explore Safeguarding & Wellbeing qualifications

These single-unit qualifications are assessed online using multiple-choice questions, providing a simple and quick method of assessment without creating an unnecessary burden for either providers or learners. During the current Coronavirus restrictions, we are also permitting the assessments to be taken remotely.

If you would like to speak to someone about embedding wellbeing qualifications into your curriculum, give us a call on 01206 911 211.