From 1st August 2021, we will require Centres to select units at the point of learner registration.

The option to select units at the point of registration is available now and has been used successfully by many Centres during the period of the Extended Extraordinary Regulatory Framework. From the 1st August 2021 we will be making it mandatory to select units when registering learners. Please continue to refer to the existing guidance on how to select units or to amend existing selections.

This slight change to the existing learner registration process will:

  • help us to provide you with targeted support for the units you are delivering
  • ensure that requests for samples are based on your unit offer
  • ensure that only units you have selected will be available when claiming your certificates
  • make the completion of either the RAC or Direct Entry Results simpler for qualifications with a large number of optional units (also reducing the potential for inaccurate claims)
  • enable you to use our rules of combination checker to check that the selected units will meet the rules of combination for the qualification

This does not apply to Access to HE registrations, where you will continue to have a maximum of 12 weeks from the cohort start date to confirm which units are being taken. Please follow the guidance on selecting units for Access to HE courses.

To help you prepare for the change, we have answered some of the most common questions about the process below:

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I select units?

Full guidance on how to select and amend unit choices is available on our website.

Registering Learners – Selecting Units at Registration

Can I change the unit selection after learner registration?

Yes, you can change the unit selection at any point prior to claiming.

What if I don’t know the units being offered?

As long as you select one unit at the point of registration, you can add or remove unit selection at any point prior to claiming.

The qualification I am delivering only contains one unit, will I still need to select the unit at the point of registration?

No, you will not need to select the unit as the system recognises the qualification only has one.