Following a review of our Vocational Studies qualifications, we have made the decision to refresh our suite with additional new units ready for September 2022.

With this update also came the decision to withdraw some units. This is because learners and employers want the most up to date skills from qualifications. These qualifications have been refreshed and adapted to make them more relevant to your curriculum needs and to help learners gain the skills they need to progress to the next stage in their chosen sector.

Centres that are using the existing version of the qualification with existing cohorts will be fine to continue while they see learners through to the end of their studies, but new Centres or those wishing to register new cohorts will only be able to choose units from the new “O1: Optional Units: Sector Specific (2022) bank as of the 1st September 2022.

We have created a spreadsheet to clearly display what is happening to each unit within both Entry 3 and Level 1. The spreadsheet outlines units that are remaining, new units and the ones being withdrawn. Ensure you are looking at the correct tab and qualification size.

Vocational Studies Review Spreadsheet