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Our pricing is designed to be as simple and clear as possible while offering you value for money with great service.

As a registered charity, we seek to offer our products and services at the lowest viable price to enable as many organisations and learners to benefit from them as possible.

Prices for 2020-21

All of our prices are set out on this website and in the above Qualification Price List. You can find the cost per learner for a specific qualification on that qualification’s page. The full list of prices for 2020-21 is also available in the Excel file below.

Prices are valid from 1st August 2020 to 31st July 2021.

Price List 2020-2021 – Gateway Qualifications

You can read more about our pricing for 2020-21 in our Qualification Prices for 2020-2021 announcement.

Prices for 2019-20

For those who need to know our charges for the 2019-20 academic year, our Qualification Price List for 2019-2020 is provided as a reference. Please note some prices may differ from the current price.

Annual Centre Fee

Our Annual Centre Fee is £750 per year for all Centres. This fee allows us to provide our comprehensive support package to all Centres.

What we charge for
We charge all centres:
  • An Annual Centre Fee of £750
  • A combined Registration and Certification Fee for each registered learner.
    This fee varies by qualification and level as listed in our Price List and on each individual qualification page. This fee is charged at the point of registration and is non-refundable.
The following charges are avoidable, but we also charge for:
  • A fee per learner for late registrations
  • A fee for administrative work to correct errors made in registering or administering your learners, or where you ask us to undertake administrative work on your behalf which our systems enable you to complete yourself.
  • A fee for additional quality monitoring visits, beyond those included in your annual centre fee
  • Visits that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice
  • A replacement certificate fee, which is for a search of our archive records. The fee is non-refundable whether the search is successful or not.
  • An additional credit charge where a learner achieves more credits than the requirements of the qualification on which they were registered.
  • A fee for resits of certain externally marked assessments

Fees are detailed in the Other Fees and Charges section below.

Optional extras that we make a charge for:
  • Unit writing and approval
  • Certain accredited training courses
  • Additional general consultancy
  • Qualification development and unit writing which falls outside of our planned development, where learner registrations are expected to be low, or where the qualification will be restricted for exclusive use by the developing organisation

Fees are detailed in the Other Fees and Charges section below.

What we don't charge for
We don't charge for:
  • Undertaking our Centre Recognition process – regardless of whether you decide to become a centre or not
  • Access to our online registration and awarding system
  • Curriculum planning and development advice
  • General support and advice
  • Visits from your Account Management Team
  • Attendance at Gateway Qualifications events, forums and webinars
  • Withdrawing learners; however the original registration charge is non-refundable
Annual Centre Fee
What you get for your Annual Centre Fee

Our annual centre fee provides you with year-round benefits for one simple payment. It enables you to budget with certainty so that you can take full advantage of our services without worrying about the financial consequences.

Specifically, the annual centre fee includes unlimited access to our comprehensive support package, which includes:

  • Access to all of gateway Qualifications’ extensive range of qualifications and units*.
  • Named account managers with experience of curriculum planning and qualification development and visits from your Account Management Team.
  • A direct telephone number to the Customer excellence team and a real person answering the phone when you ring us.
  • Support, help and advice on using our qualifications, units and systems.
  • Access to a range of staff development sessions including practitioner meetings, subject forums, training and CPD sessions.
  • Regular updates on policy and funding developments, and advice on how these apply to our qualifications.
  • Bespoke course development using our qualifications and units.
  • Opportunities to be involved in the development of new, nationally recognised, regulated qualifications.
  • Access to our online registration and awarding systems.
  • Curriculum development advice and support.
  • Up to two quality monitoring visits. (Centres will receive more external quality assurance visits if they deliver numerous qualifications.)
  • Opportunity to attend free of charge events and webinars hosted by gateway Qualifications.

* Additional Qualifications and units are subject to approval requirements. There is no charge for undertaking the approval process. The standard Registration and Certification fee for the qualification or unit will apply to any registrations made.

Other Fees and Charges
Additional Credit Charges

Where a learner achieves more credits, or a larger size qualification, than they were initially registered on, we will charge for the additional credits in line with the unit price band. For example, if a learner completes two additional credits, we will charge the 1-3 Credit band price.

Unit bands and charges are detailed in our Price List 2020-2021.

Administration Fee

We charge an administration fee of £25 per learner or £50 per cohort if we are required to undertake extra administrative work to correct errors made in registering or administering your learners, such as registering incorrect names or removing incorrect achievements following a maladministration claim.

We will also charge this fee if you request that we undertake administrative work on your behalf which our systems enable you to complete yourself, such as generating RACs, selecting units on a cohort or changing the date of an external assessment.

The per-learner charge applies when the work must be carried out on individual learner records. The cohort charge applies when the work can be applied at a cohort level. This means there may be cases where we need to levy a per-learner charge rather than a cohort charge if every learner in a cohort requires amending.

We do not charge for support and guidance to help you use our systems.

Late Registration Fee

An additional fee of £17 per learner will apply to all registrations received after the following deadlines: 35 calendar days from the start date of the course for short courses (defined as 15 weeks or fewer) and 84 calendar days for longer courses. For Access to Higher Education Diplomas the fee is £40 per learner and the registration deadline set by the QAA is six weeks (42 days).

Late Selection of Access to HE Units

An additional fee of £40 per learner will apply if Access to HE units are not selected by the deadline specified by the QAA. This deadline is a maximum of 12 weeks from the cohort start date, or until the UCAS application is made, whichever is sooner.

Replacement Certificate Fee

The fee for a search of our archive records and a replacement certificate is £25, including delivery within the UK and Europe, or £35 including delivery outside of Europe. The fee is non-refundable whether the search is successful or not. The fee includes the replacement certificate and/or amendment of the certificate requested and postage.

Enquiries about Results

Where a candidate has not performed as expected on an externally marked assessment, you can request a Feedback Report for £35, and/or a re-mark of the paper for £25. The re-mark fee will be refunded if the process identifies an increase in results to take the candidate over the pass mark.

Day Rate

We charge a standard day rate for any additional quality visits and general consultancy. Our day rate is £520 for a full day or £260 for half a day.

Cancelled Visits

If you provide less than 24 hours’ notice of a cancelled visit, we will charge the appropriate day rate for the visit. This fee will apply whether or not the visit was chargeable. There is no charge for visits cancelled with more than 24 hours’ notice.

Qualification Development

Qualification development will be priced on an individual basis with a proposal submitted for agreement in advance. We will make a charge where development falls outside of our planned development, where learner registrations are expected to be low, or where the qualification will be restricted for exclusive use by the developing organisation.

Validation of a Bespoke Access to HE Diploma

From August 2020, we are introducing a charge to help cover the cost of Access to HE Validation Panels where a Centre chooses to validate their own bespoke version of a Diploma.

The charge will be £1,000 per Diploma.

There will not be a charge for taking part in validating or requesting approval to run shared Diplomas.

Unit Prices

When a learner is not aiming for a full qualification (for unit delivery, for example), unit charges apply rather than the qualification price. The fee is levied at the point of registration of learners.

Unit charges are detailed in our Price List 2020-2021.

Gateway Assured Fees

Gateway Assured schemes provide employers, educational providers and educationalists with the opportunity to gain an independent seal of approval for their own bespoke training packages.

Gateway Assured can be used to provide a stamp of external approval for any training courses where qualifications are not required or relevant. For example:

  • For in-house Cpd where qualifications are not relevant or available, or where there is not sufficient time to deliver qualifications within the training
  • Company inductions
  • Mentoring or coaching programmes
  • Traineeships
  • Pre-employment training (pet) courses
  • Conversational English as a second language courses

Gateway Assured Fees are detailed in our Price List 2020-2021.