Thinking of delivering a new qualification with us?

Whether you are new to us or already a recognised centre we will support you in the appropriate approval process.

Existing centres can start the process of applying for the qualification straight away using Prism.  If you haven’t used Prism before please complete this form and we will get in touch to help you.

New customers will need to become a recognised centre and apply for qualification approval at the same time as this is a combined process. You should read our guide to Becoming a Recognised Centre before starting the application process.

I always find the help and support from the staff at Gateway Qualifications to be courteous, professional, extremely helpful, easy to talk to, and knowledgeable. We will continue to work with Gateway Qualifications as their customer service is amazing.

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New to Gateway Qualifications
Contact Gateway Qualifications

New customers can complete the Apply to run a Qualification form.
We will then get in touch with you to discuss the range of qualifications you would be able to access and our requirements.

Apply for Centre Recognition

To go ahead, you will need to read our Centre Recognition Policy and complete a Centre Recognition Application.

Before Centre Recognition can be completed you will be visited by one of our External Quality Assurers (EQAs) at a time that is convenient to all.

To finalise centre recognition you will be asked to accept our Centre Recognition Terms and Conditions. On confirmation of Centre Recognition an invoice for the Annual Centre fee will be sent to the named finance contact in the application.

Existing Centres
Gaining approval for additional qualifications

If you’ve completed the process before you will know that you can do this through using Prism. You’ll just need to login and start a new Qualification Approval Application.

If you haven’t used Prism before to request additional approval, please complete this form and we will get in touch to support you.

Centre Recognition & Qualification Approval Withdrawal

Should you wish to withdraw centre recognition or qualification approval please refer to the Centre Recognition Withdrawal Policy and Procedure. In the first instance please notify us by email to with details of your intention to withdraw or request to withdraw qualification approval. We will write back to you to confirm next steps and actions required.

We may also withdraw centre recognition if you have had no registrations within 12 months or qualification approval if you have not had registrations on selected qualifications for 2 years. In this case we will write to the named centre contact to confirm this and you will be given opportunity to respond.