Direct Claims Status (DCS) is given to Centres on an individual qualification basis and allows centres to claim certification without waiting for an external quality assurance activity to take place.

Centres who are given direct claims status for certification will have suitable staff and a robust and effective system of internal quality assurance.

The Centre’s External Quality Assurer therefore lies at the heart of these processes and has the responsibility of proposing direct claims status. This is reviewed on an ongoing basis through quality review activity with the centre.

For direct claims status Centres need to have established internal quality assurance systems and have suitable staff in place for each qualification. These must be fit for purpose and have been applied effectively for a minimum of one complete cycle of programme delivery, learner registration and certification.

At times more than one cycle may be required to demonstrate all aspects of internal quality assurance are in place. For example, where delivery is over a very short period or small numbers of staff are involved. The External Quality Assurer needs to be satisfied systems are robust before approving direct claims status, borderline cases may be referred to the Quality Assurance Manager. The EQA would make a recommendation to award (or remove) DCS for a qualification to the Quality Team.  The Quality Assurance Manager will review the recommendation and then either agree or decline the EQA request.