To support Centres in placing their learners on the most appropriate level of qualifications we have developed initial assessment tools for the following:

You’ll find clear and detailed instructions on how to use the tools with learners who are considering undertaking these qualifications.

The Basic Suitability Assessment should be completed by all learners. It will help determine if they are ready or would benefit from first doing some additional preparation. The questions are short and straightforward and most learners should be able to use the tool independently.

The Strengths and Weaknesses Assessment should be completed by learners deemed ready by the first tool. It will assist tutors in identifying which level is likely to be most appropriate for a learner. It will also show where learners’ strengths and weaknesses lie.

Each tool offers learners the opportunity to receive an email containing a breakdown of their results, which is especially relevant for the second tool where their answers will reveal strengths and weaknesses. If learners do not have a suitable email you may wish to provide them with an email address to use that will enable you to collate and analyse the results afterwards. Emails will come from, if you do not receive an email, please check your junk folder or assist learners to do so.