To support the delivery of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), we have developed a wide range of free resources.

These include teaching and learning resources, support and guidance with administrating and assessing ESOL

What resources are available

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Contextualising ESOL

A comprehensive guide on how assessments can be contextualised to make them appropriate for your learners, with examples. The guidance covers:

  • Speaking and Listening at E1, E2, E3, L1, L2
  • Writing at E1, E2, E3
  • Reading at E1

Teaching and Learning Resources

These resources have been written specifically to support tutors  delivering ESOL:

  • Introduction to Teaching and Learning Activities: E1, E2, E3
  • Introduction to Teaching and Learning Activities: E3, L1, L2
  • Teaching and Learning Activities: E1, E2, E3 – 7 units of work
  • Teaching and Learning Activities: E3, L1, L2 – 7 units of work

The units of work covered:

  1. Food and Healthy Eating Inc. food, meals, mealtimes, opinions about food and the concepts related to healthy eating
  2. Friends and Family Inc. family members and friends, describing them, spending time with them, traditions and celebrations and getting on with people around you
  3. Community Inc. taking part in community activities and learning about directions and places. It also covers community issues, community activities, charities and raising money.
  4. Sport and Leisure Inc. different sports and exercise activities, the links between keeping fit and healthy, hobbies and pastimes.
  5. Employment Opportunities Inc. qualities for employment, work experience and planning for the future. It also covers job applications, interview skills and CV writing.
  6. Education, Training and Goals Inc. education, their own and in the UK, personal skills and qualities, training opportunities, personal goals and future plans.
  7. Caring for the Environment Inc. weather, climate, geographical features, environment issues, living sustainably, environmental campaigns and awareness raising.

Independent Learning Materials

These packs are designed for learners who do not have readily available internet or access to a wide range of different reading, viewing and listening resources.

These materials include:

  • Independent Learning Tutor Guidance
  • Independent Stage 1 Activities to do on your own: E1 and E2
  • Independent Stage 2 Activities to do on your own: E3
  • Independent Stage 3 Activities to do on your own: L1 and L2

I think the booklets are FANTASTIC! I will definitely be using them when we are back in classes. I think they really encourage independent learning, something that far too few of my learners do, even at L1. I can check if they have been doing the work or not.

Nick Sambrook, The Sheffield College

How-to guides and videos

Step-by-step demonstrations on how to perform common tasks in Surpass/Quartzweb:

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