​This white paper ​combines the experiences and expertise of Newcastle College, Gateway Qualifications, Code Institute and South East LEP to provide a roadmap for FE colleges to ramp-up delivery of in-demand skills that lead to employment.

Find out how Newcastle College is revolutionising the delivery of digital skills in response to both learners’ and employers’ needs. Their innovative approach, partnering with edtec specialists Code Institute and Gateway Qualifications, aims to meet local tech employer demands for skilled developers in under a year.

  • The combination of Covid and Brexit has contributed to rising unemployment in retail, hospitality and transport sectors.
  • UK digital tech vacancies grew 36% between June and August 2020
  • 90k unfilled tech vacancies in the UK every week
  • FE Colleges are integral in delivering graduates with the skills to meet this demand
  • A new delivery model is revolutionising the way FE colleges achieve this

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