Updated March 2024

ESOL Skills for Life are the only qualifications where you can claim additional funding for delivery for adults when your teaching time exceeds the maximum published Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for the qualification.

The Adult Education Budget Funding Rates and Formula 2023 to 2024 states on page 12 that “if you offer English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) qualifications, you may need to deliver additional learning to individual learners that incurs additional costs above the qualification rate. Where additional hours are required, you can record these on the ILR using the ‘additional delivery hours’ field, as detailed in the ILR specification and the provider support manual.”

You can use this rule to calculate how much additional funding you can drawn down in a couple of simple steps.

As an example, the online database, Find a Learning Aim, provides funding information for regulated and non-regulated aims. The database states that the Gateway Qualifications Level 1 Award in ESOL Skills for Life (Reading) attracts a weighted funding rate of £300 per Learner.


The maximum GLH for the qualification is 60 hours, but if, for example, the total time taken to deliver this qualification was 85 hours, you refer to the Single Activity Matrix (SAM) to calculate the funding for the additional 25 hours of delivery.

The SAM is found on page 11 of the Adult Education Budget Funding Rates and Formula 2023 to 2024 and in the table below:

The table indicates that the additional learning of 25 hours will attract an additional £150 producing a total funding value of £450.

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