There is an increased demand for ESOL courses at the moment, and colleges and training providers are looking for ways to broaden the experience of ESOL learners. So, to help you build your curriculum, we have gathered together a variety of qualifications that you could add to your offering.

New arrivals need more than just ESOL  

Living and Working in the UK qualifications are being delivered across the country to help refugees and new arrivals understand the culture, expectations, and norms of life in Britain.

Read more about the importance of expanding ESOL learners’ educational experience and discover the background to the 2023 FAB Award-winning qualification of the year.

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Catch up with our panel discussion with Seetec and Harrow College as they explore how Living and Working in the UK qualifications have impacted learners’ lives and knowledge.

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Boost your learners’ digital skills 

You can add digital qualifications as stand-alone courses or as part of your ESOL learners’ study programmes in this informative ESOL and Digital Skills whitepaper. You can also find out more about Essential Digital Skills Qualifications (EDSQ) and Digital Functional Skills Qualifications (DFSQ) by catching up with the latest webinars.

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Catch up with our latest EDSQ webinar Catch up with our latest DFSQ webinar


Bring out the best in your ESOL learners: Catch up on demand!

To help you maximise the potential of your ESOL learners, we recently held two Centre support and training sessions. Catch up with our Principal EQA and Chair of Examiners as they provide hints and tips for enhancing your ESOL offer!

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