In response to Centre feedback, we have made changes to the way that registrations and assessment bookings are made for Functional Skills English Level 1 and 2.

Changes to Functional Skills

If you are a Centre that is approved to run Functional Skills, we wanted to make sure you have all the information you need and are prepared for when the modifications go live.

These changes are designed to simplify the processes and relieve the administrations burden on Centres and, as always, we are at the end of the phone to help if you need further guidance.

What has changed:

Level 1 and 2 English is being split into separate components for the purposes of registering and assessment booking;

– Reading

– Writing

– Speaking and Listening

  • Learners will be registered independently onto each component and any resits will then be able to be booked using the same cohort. This will remove the need to complete an additional registration and assessment book when a resit is required. Resit programmes will no longer be available in Quartzweb from 4th September 2017.
  • Assessments can still be booked at dates and times which suit learners and timetables. Papers will continue to be allocated by Gateway Qualifications.
  • Attendance Registers will now only display the time and dates of the booking for the component being assessed, providing greater clarity and easier management of attendance registers.
  • Invoicing will take place on a “pay-as-you-go” basis once registrations have been made on each component. Half of the fee will be invoiced when registrations are made onto the Reading component, the remainder of the fee will be invoiced when registrations are made on the Writing component, no invoice will be raised when registrations are made on the Speaking and Listening component.
  • Unit transcripts will continue to be issued on the successful component, with Full Qualification Certificates issued once a learner has successfully completed all three components.

These changes came into action on 4th September 2017. Please take a look at our Functional Skills Handbook for further information, or give us a call to speak to us about these changes; 01206 911 211.