As an AVA we continually think about the tools that we can put in place to support our Access to HE centres and students.

In the current climate of lockdown and the pressures and challenges of remote delivery, and the expected blended delivery model for next year’s students, it became even more clear that we needed to provide additional support in the form of teaching and learning content. This could then be used to help with lesson planning, or as a wrap-around to support learners’ knowledge and understanding of a topic whilst studying at home, remotely, or as a revision guide.

In response, we are excited to announce that we are creating support materials for our most popular Access to HE units.

What do these materials look like?

The teaching and learning content is formatted in Microsoft Word so centres can easily upload to their own technology platforms. Tutors have the freedom to easily adapt the document, giving the flexibility to present the information in the most effective way that supports the needs of the centre and its learners; whether that be helping to improve the virtual classroom presentations and lectures, or for learners to use at home for independent study on the virtual learning environment, either in stages or as a whole document.

The text is directly aligned to the learning outcomes and assessment criteria in the unit specification so both learner and tutor know which content is being covered. It also enables learners to acquire the knowledge or to re-enforce learning already taken place, required to successfully complete assessments in that topic.

The materials are embedded with links to videos and wider reading resources, as well as case studies and multiple-choice questions to check learning and understanding.

A mix of images and tables present the information in an easy-to-understand and engaging layout.

Here is an extract of what a document will look like:

Gateway Qualifications – Extract – QU025532: Preparation for Higher Education

We will keep you updated on where centres delivering our Access to HE Diplomas can access these documents, but information about how they can support delivery, take a look at our Access to HE Support Materials page.

If you would like to speak to us about these support materials, please get in touch with your Business Development contact, or you can call the department line on 01206 911 240.