At this year’s NATECLA conference, Providers highlighted several challenges ESOL learners’ are facing, including, integrating digital qualifications in a ESOL study programme, preparing learners for digital qualifications and assisting them to integrate more in their community.

Gateway Qualifications was pleased to be the refreshment sponsor and exhibit at the conference and talk to delegates about how we could assist in addressing their challenges.


Overcoming digital barriers

As well as developing their English language usage, ESOL learners are actively seeking to develop their digital skillset alongside ESOL. Delegates were delighted to find out how to meet this need and discover how to embed digital qualifications, through the Gateway Qualifications’ ESOL and Digital guide. This guide gives Providers the opportunity to examine how they can easily embed Essential Digital Skills Qualifications, and Digital Functional Skills Qualifications within an ESOL study programme.

Delegates were intrigued to find out how to progress ESOL learners from Entry level 1 and 2 onto further digital qualifications. To accommodate learners’ progress onto higher level digital qualifications. Gateway Qualifications have developed Preparation for Employment Qualifications to address these concerns, which have embedded digital units. These qualifications provide learners with a foundation knowledge and skillset to progress onto further digital studies, such as Essential Digital Skills Qualifications or Digital Functional Skills Qualifications.

Culture, community and citizenship

Another key topic was citizenship, and how learners are seeking the knowledge to integrate into their community. Gateway Qualifications have a suite of Living and Working in the UK qualifications designed to assist in helping new arrivals adjust to UK culture and customs. Delegates were excited to see how these qualifications can be used through the Harrow College case study, highlighting how Living and Working in the UK can enhance the ESOL learning experience and equip learners.