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1 hour
Janet Ravensdale and Paul Saunders

Supporting the unemployed back to work using SkillUP

Our range of SkillUP qualifications and programmes is designed to help get people back on their feet as quickly and efficiently as possible after the impact COVID-19 is having on the job market, and is ideal when planning using the new Covid-19 skills recovery packages introduced in the latest AEB funding rules.

SkillUP makes the most of the flexibility of existing qualifications and units to create coherent programmes designed to allow Centres to meet their local needs as quickly and easily as possible.

In this webinar, we will look at how you can build your own programme to meet local needs and the funding available for your provision. We will look at how you can deliver programmes through blended or online delivery using a variety of assessment methods, where face to face delivery is still restricted. We explore the benefits of non-qualification delivery to support preparation for employment either in an individual’s current sector or to help to transfer to a different sector and consider how personalised programmes could be delivered based on individual needs.

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