COVID-19 will have a huge impact on everyday life for a large number of the population and we want to help get people back on their feet as quickly and efficiently as possible, this is why we are introducing our range of SkillUP back to work training qualifications and programmes.

A number of people will have been forced into unemployment within the last few months due to the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. We want to help newly unemployed people, and those getting back to work after long term unemployment, in their first steps back into the world of work. Our SkillUP back to work package is designed to support people with their job search, impress potential employers and get back into work, whether this be full-time or part-time, within a new career or upskilling their current knowledge.

We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our qualifications for Learners and Centres to reach the best possible outcome for both. SkillUP makes the most of the flexibility of existing qualifications and units to create coherent programmes designed to allow Centres to meet their local needs as quickly and easily as possible.

Around 7.6 million jobs, or 24 percent of the UK workforce, are at risk because of COVID-19-related lockdowns. People and places with the lowest incomes are the most vulnerable.
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SkillUP Sectors

SkillUP focuses on areas that will have the greatest opportunities for employment following the COVID-19 pandemic and sectors will be added to meet the needs as the situation continues to develop.

The first sectors to be available are:

Who is SkillUP for?

SkillUP is designed to support learners who:

  • need a short intervention or pre-employment training to support their return to work as quickly as possible,
  • are choosing to refocus or restart their career with longer qualifications.

These learners may need

  • For those who are undecided: Taster units across/within sectors, or more general employability/confidence building units according to individual needs.
  • For those who are clear on their future career direction: A more focussed progression route map gives direction both for those who wish to change career or for those who wish to further their opportunities within their chosen sector or career.

How to use SkillUP

SkillUp has three offers designed to enable Centres to easily choose the option best suited to their needs, their learners’ needs and the needs of their local area.

  1. Off-the-shelf programmes of pre-selected units
  2. Bespoke programmes created with units from our extensive unit bank
  3. Full qualifications from our range of vocational and professional development qualifications

The unit library uses units from our existing range of qualifications and relevant employability, digital skills and vocational units can be viewed on each sector page.

Taking advantage of this flexible approach, centres are able to use our SkillUP offer in two different ways:

  • Programmes will be most suitable for learners who are undecided, centres are able to combine taster units across or within sectors, or more general employability or confidence building units according to individual learner needs.
  • Qualifications – For those who are clear on their future career direction, a more focussed progression route map gives direction both for those who wish to change career, or for those who wish to further their opportunities within their chosen sector or career.

Career Maps

Within SkillUP, we also want to provide a realistic view of where the qualifications that learners achieve will be able to take them on the employment ladder. We have created career maps to show the progression that learners can take through our portfolio. We have split the maps for those who want to get started in a new sector, those who want to further their careers in their current sector and the full picture career map. These career maps can be viewed on each sector page.

Frequently Asked Questions

SkillUP FAQs
How is SkillUP funded?

The qualifications and most of the identified units can be funded under 19+ local flexibility funding. The funding rate will be based on the GLH for the qualification or unit.

How do I gain approval?

You will need to be a recognised centre and have approval for delivering the qualifications included in your chosen SkillUP course.

If you already have approval for Employability and Vocational qualifications, you can deliver SkillUP. You can check which qualifications your centre is approved for in our Prism centre management platform.

If you need to gain approval, you can request this through Prism at no charge. We may need to make a quality assurance visit if it’s a brand-new sector for you.

What qualifications and experience do delivery staff need?

Staff should be able to teach and assess the subject matter, but there aren’t usually any specific requirements for Level 1. Full details will be in the qualification specifications of the relevant qualifications and it’s always worth checking these as they can vary by sector and level.

How do I register my learners?

To register on a SkillUP course, simply register on the chosen qualifications following our usual registration process.

On successful completion, your learners will receive qualification certificates for each qualification achieved and unit transcripts detailing all the completed units.

How will the course be assessed?

All qualifications and units included in SkillUP programmes are internally assessed through a portfolio of evidence. We don’t prescribe what this must include, and it can be completed online or on paper.

Does SkillUP include English and Maths?

There are no specific English and Maths units within the SkillUP Employability and Vocational awards, but they can be combined with units from our suite of bite-sized English and Maths qualifications.

You can even embed English and Maths within your SkillUP programme, and you’ll find our Embedding English and Maths guide useful for this.

Check out our Embedding ESOL guide if you’re working with ESOL learners.

Apply to Run a SkillUP Programme

To start the process of becoming approved to run a SkillUP programme, please complete the form below and a member of Business Development Team will be in touch with you to discuss your needs and guide you through the appropriate application process.