The Health and Science sector offers entry-level positions such as unqualified healthcare assistants or pharmacy assistants, with progression to qualified roles such as healthcare, optical or pharmacy assistants for those with Level 2 qualifications, or more senior roles as an ambulance support worker or dental nurse for those achieving Level 3 qualifications.


SkillUP programmes are created from units within existing qualifications and enable centres to develop an offer that meets the specific employment needs of the health and science sector employers in their region and to adapt those programmes for learners who are new to the health and science sector and for those who are progressing within the sector.

In the example below two units from the Gateway Qualifications Level 1 Award in Applied Science and Technology qualification have been used to create ‘SkillUP to Supporting Healthy Living’.

Level 1 Award in Applied Science and Technology :

These off-the-shelf programmes also include a list of suggested resources to help with delivery. You can view all the off-the-shelf SkillUP Programmes across Levels 1 and 2 below.

Alternatively, if you want to create your own bespoke SkillUP programmes you can combine sector-specific units, employability units and digital units from the unit library below. It is suggested that a minimum size for a SkillUP programme would be between 5-7 credits overall.

Finally, larger qualifications are also available for those who need to cover a wider range of content or to study in greater depth. Vocational qualifications are available in a variety of sizes and levels, and Access to HE Diplomas provide a route into higher education or degree Apprenticeships.

Health and Social Care vocational qualifications

Health and Social Care Access to Higher Education Diplomas

Career Maps

When embarking on a new career in a new sector or continuing in an ongoing career within your current sector, it’s important to know what you need to achieve in order to progress.

We have put together a realistic career map for the Health and Science sector to help learners understand which levels and qualifications are needed to access a range of employment roles within the sector. The Career map provides a general overview, whilst the Getting Started and Continuing a Career guides provide more details for learners at different stages of their Health and Science sector careers.

SkillUP to Health and Science – Career Map

SkillUp to Health and Science – Getting Started

SkillUP to Health and Science – Continuing your career


SkillUP to Health and Science – Programmes and Unit Library

The following suggested programmes have been compiled using some of the most popular and relevant units in the sectors.

The units below can be used to mix and match and create a programme which meets the needs of your learners and local priorities.

Click on each heading to expand or contract the library. Click on a unit title to take you to the unit detail page.

Level 1 SkillUP to Health and Science Programmes
SkillUP in Understanding Careers in Science and Technology
SkillUP in Introduction to Mental Health Nursing

Guided Learning Hours: 48

Credits: 6

Units included:

Suggested underpinning resources:

SkillUP in Supporting Healthy Living
SkillUP in Communication for Working in Health Care
SkillUP in Planning a Career in Health Care
Level 2 SkillUP to Health and Science Programmes
SkillUP to Understanding Person Centred Approaches in Health Care
SkillUP to Safeguarding in Health and Social Care
SkillIUp to Working in Health Care
SkillUP in Working Safely in Health Care
SkillUP in Understanding Infection Prevention in Health Care
Unit Library - Health and Science
Entry 3 Vocational Units
Level 1 Vocational Units
Level 2 Vocational Units
Level 3 Vocational Units
Unit Library - Digital Skills
Entry 3 Digital Skills Units
Level 1 Digital Skills Units
Level 2 Digital Skills Units
Unit Library - Employability Skills
Level 1 Employability Units
Level 2 Employability Units

Apply to Run a SkillUP Programme

To start the process of becoming approved to run a SkillUP programme, please complete the form below and a member of Business Development Team will be in touch with you to discuss your needs and guide you through the appropriate application process.