Key Facts

Level 4
Subject Sector:
13.1 Teaching and Lecturing
Qualification No:
84 hours
Total qualification time:
140 hours
Age Range:

Qualification purpose

Updating and continuing professional development (CPD)

Qualification Grading Type


Assessment Methods

  • Portfolio of Evidence

  • Why choose this qualification?

    These qualifications have been developed in conjunction with a local authority to support staff working in primary schools who are not specialist teachers of Physical Education. Their purpose is to develop the appropriate knowledge, skills and understanding to promote and embed Physical Education and sport in primary schools to ensure positive outcomes and achievement for children and young people.

    The objective of the Gateway Qualifications Level 4 Certificate in Leadership and Management in Physical Education in Primary Schools qualification is to develop knowledge and/or skills relevant to undertaking a leadership and management role in Physical Education in Primary schools. The learning builds upon the learning objectives of the Level 3 Certificate (above) ensuring delegates understand how to lead sustainable development within primary school physical education. This includes understanding the role of an effective subject leader and how to plan, deliver, review, monitor and lead real systemic, sustainable change in the quality of overall provision.

    These qualifications support the on-going professional development of staff in primary schools who wish to undertake roles in delivery and management of physical education in primary schools. New statutory regulations require that teachers (QTS) must engage in continued professional development and that through their annual performance management processes this must be discussed. These qualifications reflect an opportunity for staff to continue their professional as well as personal growth and development.

    Rules of Combination

    Learners must achieve the single mandatory unit totalling 14 credits.



    Learners must achieve the single mandatory unit totalling 14 credits.

    Leadership and Management in Physical Education in Primary Schools

    Level 4
    Guided Learning Hours:
    Unit No:
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    What is the purpose of this qualification?

    The primary purpose of this qualification is to support continued professional development for staff in primary schools, enabling them to develop knowledge and skills relevant to undertaking a leadership and management role in Physical Education, so that they can lead sustainable development of Physical Education provision in their school.

    This qualification is for staff with responsibility for managing Physical Education provision in primary schools.

    The qualification requires learners to have frequent and regular access to schools, staff and children, in order to develop and evidence the learning objectives. The qualification is therefore available only to school-based staff such as qualified teachers including senior managers.

    What skills, knowledge, or understanding does this qualification develop?

    This 14 credit qualification consists of a single unit covering:

    • Knowledge of the school’s aims, priorities and targets for PE
    • Skills in:
    o Assessing standards in PE provision and planning for improvements
    o Providing leadership for primary school PE
    o Developing plans and setting targets for PE
    o Managing resources for PE
    o Managing risk in PE
    o Monitoring the quality of teaching and learning of PE
    o Monitoring pupil achievement in PE
    o Managing staff CPD in relation to PE.

    This qualification will provide the learner the knowledge and skills needed to manage and lead PE provision effectively in a primary school context.

    Which sector does this qualification support?

    The qualification has been designed for people already working in the primary sector to enable them to develop further within their existing role, increase their competence in relation to leading and managing PE and perform this aspect of their job role to a high standard. The experience of leadership and management within this area may lead to promotion opportunities for some learners.

    Progression & entry requirements

    The learners must be aged 19 or over to take this qualification. The learners do not need any specific prior qualifications or levels of attainment to enter for it, although you will benefit from having English skills at at least Level 2. Given the focus on school-based leadership and management in this qualification, it is likely that you will hold a teaching qualification or be recognised as a higher level teaching assistant.

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