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When completing an Apprenticeship Framework, each apprentice must be formally assessed against a set of goals relating to Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS).

There must be an audit trail that demonstrates clearly where, how, when and by whom each apprentice’s PLTS were assessed.

Many of the qualifications in Apprenticeships are already mapped to the six PLTS, but another way of demonstrating this is through the use of one or more qualifications. Not only does this give the provider a clear assessment record but it also ensures the learners’ achievements in this area are formally recognised.

Offering qualifications can help demonstrate to apprentices the value of these crucial skills.

Gateway Qualifications has a PLTS suite which includes the following three 13 credit Certificates:

Within the Level 2 Certificate in Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills there is the 1-credit unit entitled ‘Assessing Own Personal Learning and Thinking Skills’. This unit can be used within the initial assessment process to help apprentices determine where their strengths and development needs in this area lie.

Gateway Qualifications has developed a straightforward PLTS Recording Document for the PLTS qualifications which will enable you to record where, how, when and by whom the apprentice’s PLTS were assessed, as required by the Apprenticeship Framework, at the same time providing the evidence needed to gain the relevant PLTS qualifications.