QuartzWeb – The Home Screen

Image of the QuartzWeb Home Screen

Displayed is the QuartzWeb home screen, listed below are the most commonly used functions


  • Review – Search for past or present cohorts or individual learner registrations

    • Your Cohorts
    • Your Learner Registrations
  •  Submission – Register learners and upload results
    • Registration Submission
    • Results Submission


  • Contact Us – Click to send an email to the Customer Excellence Team


  • Estimated Learner Numbers – Used to update estimated learner numbers each academic year

The Role and Organisation Name

  • Switching Roles -Used to switch roles within an organisation


  • My Details
    • Default Role
    • My Roles
    • My Non Organisational Addresses
    • Site for Your Organisation
  • Change Password Used to change a log in password
  • Logout