Diploma Modifications

We recognise that modifications to approved Access to HE Diplomas may be required from time to time. All requests for modifications must be considered and approved by Gateway Qualifications before any changes are implemented and will not automatically be granted. Below outlines the processes required if you want to request a change to an Access to HE Diploma.

What I need to know:

    • Deadlines – There are two dates within the year that modifications must be received. The Autumn date is by 15th September and the Spring date is 30th April.
    • Definition of minor and major modifications – A minor modification has a streamlined process for approval and is a change to the Access to HE Diploma that does not impact on the validated rules of combination or alter the coherence or integrity of the Diploma. Major modifications significantly alter the coherence and integrity of the validated Diploma and will require a validation panel.
    • Consultation/support requirements -support from a receiving HEI should be gathered and be provided along with the request form.
    • Providers wanting to make modifications should ensure they read our Diploma Modifications guidance in Section 8 of the Access to HE Centre Handbook before completing our Access to HE Diploma Modification Request form. If you require any further assistance or guidance, please contact us by phone or email

Gateway Qualifications Access to HE Diplomas

Access to HE Diploma Modification Form