Recognition of Prior Learning in Access to HE

This is a process that considers if an Access to HE learner may have already achieved qualifications which could address all of the criteria within individual units of a diploma. A learner may therefore not be required to undertake learning for the units that they are claiming as RPL.

In considering Recognition of Prior Learning, centres should:

  1. read the guidance in the Access to HE Centre Handbook (page 14)
  2. apply for RPL at the beginning of the course
  3. only apply for up to 50% of the units to be studied
  4. be aware of the limitations and restrictions in using RPL

Transfer of Credit in Access to HE

Credit or unit transfer occurs when a learner has completed an Access to HE unit with another provider or on a previous Access to HE Diploma. Any grades awarded on the learner’s prior achievement will be retained (cannot be changed), as long as the unit is one which can be mapped wholly and accurately against a corresponding unit included in the rules of combination for the learner’s new diploma.

In considering credit or unit transfer, centres should:

  1. read the guidance in the Access to HE Centre Handbook  (page 15)
  2. read the Access to HE Credit Transfer Policy and Process
  3. apply at the beginning of the course using this application form

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