Grading and how to apply the grade descriptors to learners’ work can often be difficult to get right, but is a crucial topic to ensure that learners’ work is marked and assessed accurately. In response to this we have produced an easy-to-use guide to help you in the run up to your FAB, as well as in assignment writing for the next academic year. Look out for the free webinar which also goes through this process to ensure that you get it right.

Grade Descriptor Guidance

Here is a Quick Guide to Grading and Assessment without numerical marking, which is now no longer allowed in Access to HE Diplomas.

A Quick Guide to Access to HE Grading without numerical marking

Use the guide below for Assessment and Equivalence which explains what is required to create a diploma assessment strategy that will enable learners to demonstrate the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for the rigours of higher education.

Guide to assessment methods and volume

View our forms and templates page for all moderation and verification documentation.

The QAA also provide extensive guidance on how Access to HE Diplomas are graded.

Grading scheme handbook:  Index

Grading scheme handbook Section A:  Introduction & Summary

Grading scheme handbook Section B:  The Grade Descriptors

Grading scheme handbook Section C:  Using the Grade Descriptors in Assessment

Grading scheme handbook Section D:  Moderation & Standardisation

Grading scheme handbook Section E:  Students results and awards boards

Tutors’ Quick Guide to grading