A hub for the handbooks, forms, templates and checklists you will need to successfully run your Access to HE Diplomas.


Access to HE Centre Handbook – Full of the processes needed to run a Gateway Qualifications Access to HE diploma

Access to HE – Tutor Handbook – A guide designed to provide tutors with they need to know to successfully teach and deliver units on the Access to HE


Modifications Request Form – A form to request modifications to Access to HE Diplomas

Modification Request Form Exemplar – An exemplar of the Modification Request Form

Unit Assessment

Graded Assignment Brief Template  – This template is for writing a graded assignment brief

Ungraded Assignment Brief Template – This template is for writing an ungraded assignment brief

Observation Record Sheet – Use this template to provide evidence as an observation record

Observation Record Sheet – exemplar – An exemplar of an Observation Record Sheet

Unit Summary Sheet – Used to determine the final grade for a unit when multiple assignments are used

Exemplar unit summary sheet – An exemplar of the summary sheet for a unit when multiple assignments were used

Internal Verification

IV Assignment Brief IV1 – Form for internally verifying an assignment brief

Assignment Brief – IV1 – Exemplar – (IV1)

IV – Assessment – IV2 – Form for internally verifying one learner’s sample of work

IV – Assessment – IV2 – exemplar – Exemplar – (IV2)

IV – Sample Summary – IV3 – Use this form for internally verifying multiple samples for one unit

IV – Sample Summary – IV3 – exemplar – Exemplar – (IV3)


Initial Moderation Visit Checklist – A checklist to get ready for the Initial Moderation Visit

Final Moderation Visit Checklist – A checklist to prepare you for the Final Moderation Visit

Internal Exams Board Agenda – Use this agenda for running a successful Internal Exam Board

NR Form – Use this form to apply for a learner extension (also known as NR form)

Extension Form (NR) Exemplar – An exemplar of the Extension Form (NR)

Extenuating Circumstances Form – Use this form to apply for extenuating circumstances consideration

Agenda for Final Awards Board – An agenda for running a successful Final Awards Board

Minutes of FAB Template– Template to help keep a record of what was discussed in the FAB

Access to HE – Report by Course Representative – A template the course rep could use at the FAB

Report by Course Representative – Exemplar – An exemplar of a Course Representative Report


Recognition of Prior Learning/Credit Transfer – Used to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer

Certificate Receipt Form – Complete this form to confirm you have received Access to HE Certificates

Certificate Request for Replacement Certificate form – A form for centres to request replacements certificates