Since publishing our 7 Qualifications to Help you Spend your AEB article, we have had several conversations with centres about the best way to deliver these qualifications within their curriculum.

One of our most popular suggestions is to package qualifications together as a programme.

There are a number of variations of packaging qualifications together when basing it around a learners’ needs and end goals. One example is an “Employability Skills” programme that will equip learners for work.

Qualifications in an Employability Skills programme could include:

Digital Skills for Work

Social Media for Job Prospecting

British Values

Mental Wellbeing

Benefits of this Employability Skills programme:

  • Gives learners the digital skills that they need to succeed in the workplace
  • Develops the skills needed to use social media to find and apply for jobs
  • Embeds safeguarding within the program
  • Demonstrates to Ofsted that learners have a good understanding of British Values
  • Equips learners with an understanding of mental wellbeing which is essential when looking for a job
  • Reduces assessment burden of delivering on a qual by qual basis by allowing project-based delivery
  • Assessment burden further reduced by the online, mcq assessments of British Values and Mental Wellbeing
  • Maximises the AEB for the provider as four qualifications will be delivered within a single program of learning

For learners looking to start their own business, the above programme can be adapted by switching Social Media for Job Prospecting with Exploring Enterprise. To discuss building your own programme or for information about delivering the Employability Skills programme, complete our Enquiry Form and a member of our Business Development Team will be in touch.