Support staff and learners’ to develop their understanding of Mental Wellbeing.

Two new qualifications in Mental Wellbeing are available for use in the new academic year. The qualifications have been developed in conjunction with FE Colleges in response to a growing desire amongst colleges to help learners look after their own mental wellbeing, and a rising number of safeguarding issues which have their roots in mental health issues. Some colleges have also reported that the increased focus on mental health has led some students to confuse normal emotional responses to difficult situations with mental health disorders; these qualifications will help learners differentiate between these two distant states.

Supporting Learners’ Mental Wellbeing

The single-unit qualifications are available at Level 1 and Entry Level 3 and support learners to develop their understanding of Mental Wellbeing.

Learners will develop their understanding of

  • What is meant by mental health and ill-health
  • How to look after own mental wellbeing
  • How to support friends and family with mental health difficulties
  • How to access mental health support

Online Assessment

The assessment burden for these qualifications has been kept to a minimum through the provision of an externally-set online, multiple-choice assessment. Sample assessments for each level are available on our website, with live versions being available for assessment in the new academic year.

Supporting Staff Development

The qualifications are also suitable for use in staff CPD and to help raise awareness and understanding among staff.

Mental Wellbeing Qualifications Webinar

Click to watch and learn more about our Mental Wellbeing Qualifications webinar with Development Consultant, Ruth Perry.

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Gateway Qualifications Entry Level Award in Mental Wellbeing (Entry 3)

Gateway Qualifications Level 1 Award in Mental Wellbeing

Sample Assessments

Qualification Specification

Promoting student wellbeing using new qualificaitons

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