With employers and recruitment agencies using social media to find new talent and employees, it’s important that your learners know where and how to look for vacancies online, and can showcase themselves through a standout profile.

Our Level 1 Award in Social Media for Job Prospecting will teach learners how to confidently create and maintain professional online profiles, search for relevant job vacancies, network with potential employers, and prepare and share their CV.

By offering a qualification that helps learners recognise a range of social media platforms and understand the differences between them, you’ll be providing your learners with skills that will help them search for a job; with the added bonus of a certificate and credits at the end. Your learners will have the self-assurance needed to successfully search for work straight after completing their main qualification.

This short qualification is made up of a single unit, meaning it’s easy to deliver and can be embedded into your curriculum and alongside other qualifications.

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