Three ways you can add extra value to the learner’s experience before they complete their course.

As we approach the end of the academic year, it’s the ideal time to consider whether you can add extra value to the learner’s experience before they complete their course. In some cases you may even be able to use evidence that has already been created. Below we’ve highlighted a few of the most popular added extras that can be added this year.

Job Search for the modern world

In today’s increasingly competitive job market learners will need more than subject knowledge and expertise to stand out when applying for jobs. Indeed, with employers and recruitment agencies increasingly using social media to find new talent and employees, it’s important that your learners know where and how to look for vacancies online, and can showcase themselves through a standout profile.

Our brand new Social Media for Job Prospecting qualification has been developed with centres specifically to meet these needs and consists of a single 6-credit unit so is ideal for delivery as an added extra for any learners who will be looking to progress into employment, whether directly from their current course or in the future.

Gateway Qualifications Level 1 Award in Social Media for Job Prospecting

British Values commended by Ofsted

You might also want to take the opportunity to ensure that you can clearly demonstrate to Ofsted or other external stakeholders that you are covering areas such as safeguarding and British values adequately.

Chelmsford College was commended in its recent Ofsted report for the their use of a bespoke qualification to assess and evidence their teaching of British values. The online, multiple-choice assessment is externally marked and easy to administer, providing successful learners with a qualification and your organisation with clear evidence that all students have a good grounding and firm understanding of the fundamental British values.

Read more about how Chelmsford College addressed this challenge

Gateway Qualifications Entry Level Award in British Values (Entry 3)

Gateway Qualifications Level 1 Award in British Values

British Values sample assessments (both levels)

Help keep your learners safe online

With the growing number of social media websites and interactive apps, and the increasing use of online technology, it has never been more important for adults and young people to make safe and responsible use of technology, both personally and professionally.

To address this challenge, Halesowen College runs the Gateway Qualifications Level 2 Award in E-Safety as part of its pastoral curriculum to further support the students’ responsible use of the internet and social media, which is increasingly a key part of their academic and social lives.

Find out more about Halesowen College’s approach

Gateway Qualifications Level 2 Award in E-Safety

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