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1 hr 11 mins
Bridget Smith

ESOL beyond the classroom: Support your students’ independent learning

To help learners make the most of living in an English speaking environment we need to think about how to develop purposeful, realistic, and engaging activities beyond the classroom, to support confidence and progression. This is particularly important in the current circumstances when learners may not be attending classes or accessing learning.

Our Beyond the Classroom webinar explores different strategies to support independent learning for your ESOL learners. The session looks at ways of developing independent activities across reading, writing, speaking and listening. The focus is on Entry level learners, but the approaches will apply to all learners.

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Activities to do on your own booklets:

During the webinar, we shared digital versions of our ESOL activity booklets. You can download your copies here:

ESOL Activities to do on your own – Stage 1

ESOL Activities to do on your own – Stage 2

ESOL Activities to do on your own – Stage 3

More ESOL teaching and learning materials

Presentation slides

ESOL beyond the classroom- Gateway Qualifications

Activities suggested by attendees

During the webinar attendees suggested a variety of activities that they have used with their ESOL learners, these have been collated into a single document for ease.

Attendee Activity Suggestions – ESOL Beyond the Classroom

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