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Good Things Foundation and SERO / Education and Training Foundation

Essential Digital Skills Support and Resources

Discover the wealth of resources available to support your staff and learners in preparing to deliver the new Essential Digital Skills qualifications.

Learn more about the Education and Training Foundation’s CPD packages for staff and the Good Things Foundation’s resource to support learners.

Watch on demand here

Watch on demand here

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Essential Digital Skills Support and Resources

The Education and Training Foundation – Useful links

The Education and Training Foundation – Offical website

Enhance – Essential Digital Skills (EDS)  – Free CPD programme to support teachers and trainers who will be delivering Essential Digital Skills Qualifications

Online events – Upcoming training events

Good Things Foundation – Useful links

Good Things Foundation – Official website

Online Centres Network – Community of centres working together to tackle digital and social exclusion

Learn My Way – Free, online learning platform that enables learners to become qualification-ready

Planner Tool  – Free tool intended to guide entry level learners in deciding where to start

Make It Click – Free courses, tools, and templates aimed at Level 1 learners, curated by Good Things Foundation

Gateway Qualifications – Useful links

Qualification Specification

Sample Assessments

Diagnostic Tool

EDSQ Centre Guide and Glossary for Learners – Available to centres approved to deliver Essential Digital Skills Qualifications

Looking for more information about the qualifications?

You can join one of our weekly introductory webinars that explain everything you need to know about our approach to EDSQ, and includes detailed information about funding.

Our Essential Digital Skills page is a one-stop-shop for EDSQ; resources to support delivery, explanation about the standards, details about why the new legal entitlement was developed, and FAQs.