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35 mins
Diana Muallem

Essential Digital Skills Entitlement for Adults from 2020

Webinar available at request: enquiries@gatewayqualifications.org.uk

In our recent webinar, we discussed the national standards for essential digital skills that are the basis for the new qualifications.

The new national entitlement will fully fund adults with no or low digital skills.  Our webinar introduces the standards, and shares what you need to do to be ready and make the most of the opportunities that these new qualifications will offer from August 2020.

We discussed how you can contribute to the development of new qualifications, ensuring they meet your needs and the needs of your learners.

Please contact us on enquiries@gatewayqualifications.org.uk if you would like a link to the recording.

Prefer to read about the new national standards?

Take a look at our Essential Digital Skills explained article.

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