Having held our prices for a number of years, the rising cost of administering qualifications means we will be making some increases to our combined registration and certification charge for most qualifications. The Annual Centre fee will remain unchanged at £750 per year for all Centres.

We recognise that no increase in costs will be welcomed in a sector which is facing funding challenges, so this is not a decision we have taken lightly. As a registered charity, we seek to offer all of our products and services at the lowest viable price. We also have a duty to our centres and learners to ensure that we continue to run sustainably and have on this occasion decided that we need to make some small increases to the prices we charge.

These charges will take effect from 1st August 2019. To avoid being charged the higher prices for learners starting their courses in the 2018-19 academic year, please ensure they are registered with us before the end of July 2019. Any registrations made after this date will be subject to the increased prices.

The full details of all our charges are included in our 2019-20 Price List, and we have summarised the main changes below.

Access to HE Diplomas

The price we charge for Access to HE Diplomas will increase to £130.

We will also extend our practice of charging late fees to Access to HE Diplomas. This fee will be £40 for a registration or unit selection which takes place outside of the timescales permitted by the QAA. This is in part to discourage such behaviour, and in part to help offset the increased administrative burden of processing late Access to HE registrations and unit selections. Centres who comply with the QAA deadlines will not be subject to the fee.


The price for each ESOL component will increase by 50p. We will still award an overarching Certificate in ESOL at no additional change once a learner has completed all three components.

Qualification Prices

The charge for each qualification will rise by approximately 3.5%. In some cases, this may be slightly more or less to allow for rounding.

Qualifications at level 3 and above will rise by an additional £5 to reflect the need for specialist external quality assurance.

The exact cost for each qualification appears in our 2019-20 Price List and will be updated on the qualification pages of this website from 1st August 2019.

Credit-based charges

Where we make credit-based charges, these will also rise by approximately 3.5%. The exact charges are detailed on page 44 of our 2019-20 Price List.

Additional Credit Charges

Following feedback from Centres, we will simplify the way we charge for additional credits. That is the charge we make when a Centre claims for more credits than a learner was registered on, (whether that registration was on a qualification or a unit-based programme).

From August, we will simply charge for any additional credits when a certification claim is made based on the published credit-based prices. We will no longer calculate the charge based on the difference between the number of credits achieved at certification less the number of credits invoiced at point of registration.  With the flexibility provided by our qualification design, there are various ways of registering learners which attract advantages depending on the intention of the programme. We have introduced this change in order to simplify this process for all centres and to allow for more accurate cost planning.

We have decided to only charge for additional credits when the additional credits achieved tip a learner into the next credit bracket.  I.e. if a learner is registered on a 4 credit qualification, then achieves 2 additional credits, they will not be charged as this is still within 4-6 credits.

Other charges

All other charges will remain at their current levels.

We have added wording to clarify that the administration charge is levied based on whether a change can be made at a cohort or learner level. I.e. if a change needs to be made individually to every learner in a cohort, the per-learner fee will be charged. If the change can be applied to the whole cohort in one go, the cohort fee will be charged.