Following your feedback, our Centre Handbook has been revised and is now available as an interactive section on our website.

See new Centre Handbook

How do I use the new Centre Handbook?

The Centre Handbook has been split into four categories, and features useful links, forms and downloadable assets.

The categories are:

Within these categories, you’ll find subcategories which expand to reveal detailed information.

Example: looking for information on registering learners 

Go to the Introduction to Gateway Qualifications page and you will see the Customer Excellence subcategory. Listed underneath this is a further breakdown of titles, including Registering Learners. Click on this and more information will be revealed:

By clicking on the expanded, teal Customer Excellence button the information will retract:

There is more than one teal button on each of the four category pages so make sure you are selecting the right one when looking for specific information.

Content has also been updated so please ensure you have read through the relevant sections to familiarise yourself with the details.