DfE post-16 Qualification Reforms Level 2 and below

Posted on January 3rd 2024

In this session, you’ll discover the latest DfE qualification reforms and how they will impact your future curriculum.

Quality Assurance – Getting ready for delivery 2021-22

Posted on June 21st 2021

Calling Quality Assurance Managers, IQA teams and Curriculum Managers! Find about improvements we have made to our quality assurance processes. Our centre support, who’s who and what training and guidance there are.

How to meet local demand for software skills

Posted on March 31st 2021

Join this webinar to find out how you can deploy a ready to go solution for web developers and meet the needs in your area.

Introducing our off-the-shelf Sector-based Work Academies

Posted on February 10th 2021

This half-hour webinar was the first of the five-part series of supporting our Centres by introducing off-the-shelf packages for Sector-based Work Academies (SWAPs).