Timely delivery of Vocational and Technical Qualification (VTQ) results

Posted on November 30th 2023

Our measures to embed timely delivery of VTQ results in 2024 and beyond.

Update to optional unit grouping in Vocational Studies qualifications

Posted on August 18th 2023

Check which units in Vocational Studies are affected.

Responding to the impact of the pandemic

Posted on September 21st 2021

Preparing for situations you may encounter as we continue to recover from the effects of the pandemic

Quality Assurance Event: Level 1 Vocational Studies

Posted on September 21st 2021

Exclusive event for Centres approved to deliver Vocational Studies qualifications Hosted by specialist EQA, Cathy Hillhouse, this free event provides clarity and reassurance on: correct assessment levels good assessment practice…

Updated Vocational Qualifications

Posted on September 21st 2021

Details about our revised and updated vocational qualifications.

Vocational and Technical Awarding Arrangements 2021

Posted on February 26th 2021

In this half-hour webinar, we discussed which learners fall into scope, the overview of Category A and Category B qualifications, and the next steps.

New and Revised Vocational Offer

Posted on November 24th 2020

Updates on our vocational offer from Entry Level 3 to Level 2

Awarding learners in summer 2020

Posted on August 13th 2020

We have been working closely with the regulators to develop an approach which ensures a fair and equitable solution for learners due to complete qualifications this summer.

Revised Vocational Qualifications for first teaching from September 2020

Posted on June 29th 2020

A leaner, more up-to-date set of qualifications which enable learners to gain skills they need to progress to the next stage of learning in their chosen sector.

How to design an AEB programme for your learners

Posted on March 3rd 2020

Discover how using flexible, funded adult qualifications can help you design the ideal programme for your learners’ needs and maximise your Adult Education Budget (AEB).