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EDSQ resources from bksb

Posted on April 16th 2021

We are delighted to have partnered with one of the UK’s leading online teaching platforms, bksb, to offer more resources to Centres delivering Essential Digital Skills Qualifications.

Building a fundable offer for learners progressing from EDSQ

Posted on March 24th 2021

Watch this webinar if you are offering digital or ICT provision at Level 1 and above and find out what you can do right now to have a funded offer from August for your learners.

Ensuring learners are ready for EDSQ

Posted on March 24th 2021

Watch this webinar to find out what you can do right now to have a funded offer in digital from August for learners working at Entry Levels.

Off-the-shelf Sector-based Work Academy package: Business – Support and Administration services

Posted on February 10th 2021

This half-hour webinar is the fourth of the five-part series supporting Centres by introducing off-the-shelf packages for Sector Based Work Academies (SWAPs) in Business.

Essential Digital Skills – Sitting live assessments remotely during lockdown

Posted on February 5th 2021

Gateway Qualifications is allowing learners to take Essential Digital Skills live assessments remotely from 8th February 2021 during the current national lockdown.

Delivering and Assessing EDSQ during lockdown and beyond – Free resources to support delivery

Posted on February 4th 2021

This webinar will introduce a set of new, free resources developed by Gateway Qualifications to support EDSQ delivery. The resources will support face-to-face or remote delivery, as well as including activities for independent learning.

Holistic Delivery and Assessment

Posted on January 14th 2021

Examples of holistic approaches to delivery and assessment including project-based learning.

Supporting your learners’ digital skills through lockdown and beyond

Posted on January 12th 2021

Gateway Qualifications is pleased to be working closely with Good Things Foundation to support your delivery of digital skills.

Which Essential Digital Skills webinar is best for me?

Posted on December 15th 2020

A webinar breakdown to help you decide which session is best suited for you and the stage you are at with implementing EDSQ.

Delivering EDSQ within a broader programme of learning

Posted on November 12th 2020

New City College demonstrates how they have approached EDSQ, identifying challenges, and how they overcome them.