Sample Assessments

The sample assessments for our Essential Digital Skills are designed to enable you to see an example of the online assessments. 

Please note: the sample assessments have been created to mimic an assessment and do not contain all of the working functionality of the live assessments. For example, the sample environment does not allow for direct downloading and uploading of files, does not record responses, and cannot be marked.

Please complete the form below to access our online sample assessments for our Essential Digital Skills qualifications (EDSQ)

Centres registering learners on Essential Digital Skills will have access to mock assessments that offers a fully functioning, markable version that can be used with learners to help prepare them for the final assessment.

For more information about each qualification, and to download the qualification specification, please visit the appropriate qualification page:

Gateway Qualifications Entry Level 3 in Essential Digital Skills

Gateway Qualifications Level 1 in Essential Digital Skills