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Gateway Qualifications is proud to support our Centres with their teaching and delivery. You have your learners; you know what qualifications you are running, here is handpicked information and guidance that will help you ensure a smooth start to the academic year.

Is your provision up to date?

Read our reminder of the funding updates and unit changes affecting qualifications, so you’re prepared and confident you’re offering the best provision.

These include:

  • Qualification/unit withdrawals
  • Funding in the Education sector
  • Prepare your learners for apprenticeships, employment and beyond…

Is your provision up to date?

The Digital Landscape

We have created two handy infographics to help you see a clear progression from our Entry Level 3 to advanced qualifications.

The infographics highlight the funded and modern qualifications suitable for learners aged 16 – 19 and 19 and over. Plus, they are free for you to download!

Learners aged 16-19     Learners aged 19 +

Rules of Combination Checker

Just a quick reminder: selecting the units when registering learners is now mandatory. Don’t worry, you can always change them later if your plans change. An additional bonus of selecting your units is that you can run the Rules of Combination checker to ensure the units you’ve selected will meet the Rules of Combination.

How to check your units

Maximise your Adult Education Budget (AEB)

We have created a handy list of short qualifications that some of our Centres have provided that have added value for their adult learners.

Quick ways to support adult learning and maximise your AEB

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A handy list of the approaches and short qualifications Centres can provide to add value for their adult learners.


A snapshot of recent changes so you’re completely prepared and confident you're offering the best provision.