Updated January 2024

Gateway Qualifications is strongly committed to the value of adult education and want to help our Centres ensure that they make the most of their allocations to benefit their adult learners.

The decline of adult participation in funded programmes over the last decade is well documented.  Learner eligibility challenges, devolved control, high employment status, the recent pandemic, financial pressures and wider sector reform have all contributed to the challenges that providers are grappling with.

On this page, we have curated a handy list of the approaches and short qualifications Centres particularly find provide added value for their adult learners. We hope you find this list helpful and if you have any suggestions to add please let us know!  Maximising your Adult Education Budget (AEB) allocation is more important than ever.

Short, funded qualifications with free teaching resources

To support your ongoing adult education delivery, we have a range of free teaching and learning resources aligned to our most popular range of short, sharp adult qualifications, all funded via AEB.  We know how important it is to continue education during these challenging times to ensure your adult learners’ progress and funding profiles are achieved.

All the following qualifications come with complimentary resources allowing you to get started without delay. These qualifications can be deployed to support your existing adults on vocational pathways or other curriculum areas. Many centres design an adult programme that includes multiple funded aims to benefit the adult learner.


Employability and Self-Employment 

Mental Wellbeing

We have many other short, funded qualifications that can be deployed as part of wider additionally for adults including Progression Qualifications and Employability Qualifications.

Read more about how Kirklees College use short cybersecurity qualifications to fight cyber threats in this FE News article

Vocational with free teaching resources

Whether you are delivering vocational learning aims to support adults into work as part of a SWAP programme, or for those interested in a vocational taster we have short qualifications with free resources that align to sectors where vacancies exist.

Business and retail



Education and Childcare

Heath and Care

New arrivals to the UK need more than just ESOL

Many of our Centres that deliver ESOL utilise our range of Living & Working in the UK qualifications as part of ESOL teaching and Delivering. Our suite of Living & Working in the UK qualifications range from entry to level 1 to support ESOL learners’ understanding of the English language, and to develop new arrivals’ citizenship knowledge of the UK.

Living and Working in the UK case study

Watch our webinar as a college and an ITP discuss how they add value to their ESOL curriculum with additional qualifications

Living and Working in the UK

Employability and Self-Employment

Prepare your learners for apprenticeships, employment and beyond…

Discover the flexibility of our larger qualifications to create multiple pathways that can meet varying local, regional and national needs. These guides illustrate some examples of different pathways that can be created, giving you the opportunity to mould your adult curriculum to meet these needs whilst keeping the simplicity and familiarity of using a single qualification.

Calderdale College case study

Pathways to apprenticeships, employment and beyond – Gateway Qualifications

Level 3 free courses for jobs offer

As part of the Lifetime Skills Guarantee the ESFA now fully funds a list of Level 3 qualifications in priority sectors for any eligible adult who wants to achieve a Level 3 qualification to enable them to progress in their career.

Qualifications on the list have been selected to support the immediate economic recovery and build the future skills that employers require.

Gateway Qualifications has a range of qualifications on the list, either funded for 19-23 learners via your AEB allocation or for learners aged 24 and above in your Free Courses for Jobs allocation.  Eligible qualifications include sectors such as Digital, Construction, Care, Teaching and Learning and Logistics.

Qualifications included in Level 3 free courses for jobs offer

Next steps

Need some help in your adult curriculum planning?  Call us on 01206 911 211 or complete our enquiry form to book your adult curriculum review, and a member of our Business Development team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.