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Sarah Doe and Paula Dady

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Access to HE Benchmarking

In our Access to HE Benchmarking webinar, we will look at measuring achievements against national averages, as well as highlighting the impact of quality and rigour on achievement and how to improve standards.

We will also be looking at QAA set-tolerances on achievement and ABB+ profiles. Immediately after the webinar, Gateway Qualifications’ approved centres will be supplied with data relevant to their own access students for 2017-18.

We welcome anyone with a keen interest in Access to HE to attend, especially Access team members and quality directors. Quality Consultant, Paula Dady, and Access to HE Quality Manager, Sarah Doe, invite you to ask questions during the session – so come and make the most of their expertise.

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Our Access to HE Diplomas provide the choice between off-the-shelf and bespoke qualifications, with the ability to mix and match between two to fit the needs of your learners.

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