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Vocational Qualifications

Updates to our Suite of Vocational Qualifications will include both withdrawals and amendments. This is to ensure these qualifications remain fit for purpose and meet the needs of our centres.

Unit amendments

These amendments will see units:

  • remaining the same
  • being withdrawn, or
  • being replaced

We have created spreadsheets to clearly display what is happening to each unit within each sector.

Click on the relevant sector below to view each document. The “Actions” column in these spreadsheets can be filtered to clearly display the changes:

Applied Science and Technology (L1)
Art and Design
Business and Administration
Hair and Beauty
Health and Social Care
Hospitality and Catering
Land-based Sector
Motor Vehicle Sector
Performing Arts
Public Services
Sport and Active Leisure
Travel and Tourism

While looking at these spreadsheets, we ask for your feedback and comment on any circumstances where you think we should change our decision.

For example, if you think a unit that is being withdrawn should remain, we ask that you complete our Feedback form in Prism by 15th March 2020. Log in and you will see the Qualification Feedback Form link on the righthand side of the home screen.

All changes will come into effect from 1st August 2020.

Qualification withdrawals

As well as units being withdrawn, the following Vocational qualifications will be withdrawn on 31st July 2022:

  • All Entry 3 Diplomas
    – Skills for Art and Design
    – Skills for Business and Administration
    – Skills for Childcare
    – Skills for Construction
    – Skills for Health and Social Care
    – Skills for Hair and Beauty Sector
    – Skills for Hospitality and Catering
    – Skills for Land-based Sector
    – Skills for Motor Vehicle Sector
    – Skills for Performing Arts
    – Skills for Retail
    – Skills for Sport and Active Leisure
  • Level 2 Skills for Hospitality
  • Level 2 Skills for Engineering
  • Level 2 Skills for Retail
  • Level 2 Childcare (Graded and ungraded “Skills for…” versions)
  • All levels – Skills for Office Professionals

Key dates to remember for Vocational Qualification updates

Below are important dates you will need to remember to ensure for a smooth experience for your learners and stress-free transition for your centre:

Vocational Update Webinar

Watch our recent webinar for an update on what changes are being made

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