As part of the government’s National Skills Fund initiative, there are opportunities for you to get involved in the further expansion of Digital Boot Camps in early summer 2021.  The Department for Education is inviting organisations to register their interest via Jaggaer and submit a bid by February 12th 2021.

The Chancellor announced £375 million for the National Skills Fund at the Spending Review in November 2020. This includes £95 million in funding for a new level 3 adult offer and £43 million to expand skills boot camps.

Qualifications included in National Skills Fund level 3 offer for adults

What are the Digital Boot Camps?

Skills Bootcamps provide flexible, employer-led training for up to 16 weeks. They support adults irrespective of their employment status and provide them with wider access to opportunities to retrain, reskill or specialise.

Digital Skills Boot Camps will address the needs of employers and the wider economy by helping meet the short- and medium-term demand for mid- and higher-level job vacancies in digital sectors.

Digital Bootcamps cover subjects such as

  • software development
  • digital marketing
  • data analytics

The tender documents have identified the digital skills and courses that employers need right now.

How can we support your boot camp?

We have a range of Ofqual regulated qualifications at level 3 that you could deploy as part of your Digital Boot Camp offer, particularly in lot 1.

Why use our digital qualifications for your boot camps?

  • Nationally recognised regulated digital qualifications are highly valued by employers
  • Digital qualification design and content is shaped by employers
  • Qualifications provide a consistent framework for teaching
  • Our approach to assessment is flexible enabling learners to succeed
  • Qualifications are externally quality assured by us providing rigour and credibility
  • Units from different qualification sectors at different levels (including digital) can be packaged together and awarded to reflect your requirements for these boot camps.

Here are some examples of our qualifications that directly align to the Digital Boot Camp requirements.

Lot 1 – Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, Cloud Engineering, DevOps, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Full Stack Engineering, Data Engineering, Cloud Services, Full Stack Web Development, Software Developer/Engineer, Computer Support Specialist, IT Managers, and Infrastructure Technician

This is a great opportunity to get involving in providing the digital and technical skills that employers require.

Contact us

If you would like to speak to us about teaching our digital qualifications or discuss how our offer can support your digital boot camp bid, give us a call on 01206 911 211 or email