Farmer in field

Qualifications for learners aspiring to work in the land-based sector or garden design.

Agriculture, environmental, and animal care qualifications are crucial for individuals interested in pursuing careers focused on animal welfare and conservation. These qualifications provide a solid foundation of knowledge and skills necessary for working with animals, including small animals, and ensuring their well-being.

Learners with these qualifications have various opportunities to make a positive impact in the field of animal care and welfare. They can find employment with animal charities, wildlife sanctuaries, zoos, veterinary clinics, and other related organisations. Working directly with animals, they play a vital role in providing proper care, including nutrition, hygiene, and mental stimulation.

Agriculture qualifications provide individuals with essential knowledge and skills in various aspects of farming, crop production, livestock management, and sustainable agricultural practices.

Environmental qualifications enable learners to contribute to environmental protection, advocate for sustainable policies, promote ecological balance, and pursue careers that address pressing global challenges related to climate change, resource management, and conservation.

Our agriculture, environmental and animal care qualifications are available at the following levels, please click the headings to reveal a full list of qualifications available at that level.

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