How do I download the Report of Achievement or Completion (RAC) to claim certificates?

A Point to Note…

  • This guidance is applicable to Access to HE courses only
  • RACs for Access to HE courses can only be created by the Access to HE Administrator (How to switch role)
  1. Click ‘Actions’ and select ‘Your Cohorts’
  2. Click to select the cohort ID reference
  3. Select ‘Results’ and ‘Results Submission Forms’

Image of Access to HE results submission from screen

  1. Click ‘Generate RAC’
  2. Open the document or save the file to a designated folder
    • Check all names are spelt correctly
    • If any errors are found, email advising the cohort id, incorrect spelling and the correct spelling of the name
    • Gateway Qualifications will make the amendment and advise when a new RAC can be downloaded
  3. Now refer to the Access to HE Claiming Certificates – Completing the Report of Achievement or Completion (RAC) for further guidance