How do I store and issue Access to HE Certificates?

As part of the requirement to comply with the new QAA Licence Criteria for AVAs, Access centres must have processes in place for the secure receipt and onward transmission of Access certificates and transcripts.  The AVA will be checking that suitable processes are in place in all centres.

  • Centres will be asked to confirm that Diplomas and transcripts have been received from the AVA and sent on to students (or collected by them). On receipt of the certificates by the Centre, the Access Certificate Receipt Form must be completed online and submitted to Gateway Qualifications within 5 working days.

Access to HE Diploma - Certificate Receipt Form

Access to HE Diploma certificate and unit transcripts receipt form to be completed by the Centre within 5 working days of receipt. Failure to comply with this request will be treated as a breach of security of the award of credit for the Access Diploma and may affect AVA approval of your course.

  • Cohort IDName of Access to HE DiplomaNumber of Certs receivedDate Received 
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  • Centres should keep records of the receipt and onward transmission of students’ Access certificates and transcripts for a minimum period of 3 years.
  • Centres should have a secure and reliable process for the receipt, recording and onward transmission of Access Diplomas and achievement transcripts.
  • Centres must ensure that all Diplomas and transcripts are received by students within 30 days of receipt from the AVA.  Any certificates not received or collected by students at this time must be returned to the AVA.

If any of your learners require a replacement certificate please complete and return the online Replacement Certificate Form.

Read this Quick Guide to Dealing With Certificates to understand how to issue certificates to learners and what to do when errors occur.