How do I find unit details and rules of combination in Prism?

The units and structure (rules of combination) for most of our qualifications are available on this website, and, for users with a login, in Prism.

There has been a new function added to Prism recently that enables you to expand the information to then access the criteria you are looking for. This is done by clicking on the “+/-” symbol or the “Details” button on the right hand side. As highlighted in the image below:

  • The “+/-” button allows you to expand and contract each of the groupings and sub-groupings within a qualification structure and is designed to make it easier to navigate through structures which contain large number of units.
  • The “Details” button will expand extra information about the grouping or the units. Including details of how many credits or units from a group can be chosen, or further detail about the unit.
  • The “Options” button  in the white unit box will allow you to download the unit details, including learning outcomes and assessment criteria a Word document.