Adult job seekers often rely on a range of support services to enable their progression into sustainable employment. This will often require training, whether that be tailored to a specific employment sector or training in wider employability skills.

What are the challenges?

Jobcentre Plus (JCP) will refer adults to you for training, often at short notice in response to an employment opportunity or to participate in a sector-based work academy. Available learning time can be limited on these programmes, which can mean challenges for you in being able to ensure they have the skills to progress.

What are key things required?

Short, Adult Education Budget (AEB) fully funded provision is essential. Whether that be qualifications, units or a bespoke unitised programme with a flexible approach to assessment.

How can we help?

Gateway Qualifications has an extensive range of fully funded AEB provision. The flexibility of assessment encourages a holistic delivery approach rather than linear. Teaching and assessment can be cross referenced across multiple learning aims, ensuring learners can maximise their time with you and their individual learning achievement. Programmes of learning provide co-teaching options generating staff efficiency whilst maximising funding opportunities.

Perfect provision

Providers we work with to run Jobcentre Plus programmes typically include a mixture of the following:

Employability Skills: These will develop skills such as team working, communication skills and personal development as well as how to apply for work and prepare for interviews. These are aimed at giving confidence to Learners and provide employers evidence of the employability skills they demand.

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Personal and Social Development: These can cover a range of topics that will give learners the skills they need to thrive in the workplace. These can range from basic personal & social skills, basic employable techniques, ICT skills and/or vocational tasters. This type of provision can be particularly useful to Learners who have not previously achieved in education and would benefit from alternative approaches to curriculum and learning.

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Vocational Tasters: Learners undertake vocational tasters which can aid a learner that is undecided on a specific career path or sector. They tend to have multiple entry points which allow the delivery to be optimised to accommodate different class sizes and learner routes. Subject areas can range from construction, retail, hospitality and catering, hair & beauty and many others, whatever is required to meet the local job market needs.

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English & Maths: A bite sized approach which will cover skills gaps and embed basic English and Maths skills that may be required for employment. Learners whose first language is not English will benefit from undertaking ESOL qualifications. English, Maths and ESOL tend to be vocationally contextualised to allow for Learners to further build their skills and enable delivery to be cross functional.

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More information

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