When you’re planning your curriculum, your main focus will understandably be the substantial qualification which forms the main part of a study programme. However, don’t miss the opportunity to further enhance your offer with related qualifications that complement your syllabus.


As well as larger vocational qualifications, we have also developed a wide range of smaller Awards, many of which have been developed in conjunction with the types of employers and organisations that learners may aspire to work with after they complete their course, which will help enhance learners’ CVs as well as helping them make an informed decision on an area for employment or further study.

Small Awards are ideal for this as they can be delivered in a short space of time and used to accredit learning that may already be being undertaken by learners, or to recognise the achievement of particular areas of interest or specialism.

To show you where you can utilise this idea, here are some example of where additional qualification could be used to complement other qualifications:


Childcare qualifications will thrive alongside qualifications that focus on children’s health and well-being:


Safety in construction is a necessity, so having a qualification in it would enrich a learners’ CV:

Health and Social Care

Qualifications with a mind, body and health emphasis will work well alongside a health and social care qualification:


Including social media qualifications into your business study programme keeps your syllabus current and provides a deeper look at the digital side to a business:


ICT learners will have a significant interest in technology. By introducing qualifications in the media industry, you introduce an employment area they may not have previously considered:

Art and Design

Allow students to develop their individuality through exploring other sectors, such as the creative media industry:

Public Services

A firm understanding of restorative justice will further enhance the credibility of a learners’ public service qualification. It could also add something a little different to your study programme that make it appealing to new learners:

Education and Training

Qualifications that add to CPD or include specialism areas are ideal for Education and Training qualifications:

If you would like to speak to us about this approach or would like any guidance in planning your curriculum, give us a call and speak to someone in our Business Development team – we are always happy to help!