As you approach the final stages of teaching, you’ll want to complete all the important tasks that ensure your learners receive their certificates.

By finishing the year strong, you set yourself up for a successful start to the next academic year.

Access to HE checklist All other qualifications checklist

Access to HE checklist – Preparing for final moderation and Final Awards Board

  • Are you ready for your Final Awards Board with trackers completed correctly and uploaded prior to the date allocated?
  • Make the most of our ready-to-use forms, templates, and checklists. Have you downloaded the new FAB agenda?
  • Ensure you’ve discussed extensions or awarding by extenuating with moderators – remember these are only confirmed if presented to the FAB!
  • RACs are not required for this year (2023). Submit spreadsheet trackers being used for the QAA data submission (issued to Centres in autumn)
  • Chairs need to be independent and know the requirements of the FAB and the agenda
  • Don’t forget to nominate students for a UEL scholarship if they are planning to head to university
  • Don’t forget to nominate students for Keith Fletcher Awards
  • UCAS submission deadline is 22nd July 2024.

All other qualifications checklist – Ending the year well

If you have missed any of the stages and would like advice, give your usual contact a call or you can phone the main office on 01206 911 211.